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Annie is not singing in Shoaib Mansoor's movie "BOL"

Annie just confirm about the rumor that she is not singing any song in the Shoaib mansoor's movie "BOL"  and it is just a rumor.
Annie confirm this news officially at her facebook account.....which is quite disappointing for her fans and Atif Aslam's fans as well...Because we want both of them singing together in the movie BOL by shoaib mansoor.

well, Shoaib Mansoor must have got message from this rumor that what his fans wants him to bring in his movie.
at least if i were on the place of shoaib mansoor i must have got this idea  to bring a song in my movie sung by these two super star singers together.Shoaib mansoor is a very experienced and talented director so whatever he will do must be doing by thinking on extreme.

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