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Hey guys here is the most Exciting news which I think we all was waiting about !!
Atif Aslam and HOT Ainee ;-) is singing together in the movie of Shoaib Mansoor "bol"  and the song name I have heard is "rootho na" .

well...Personally I really wanted Ainee to sing along with Atif Aslam as i am also one of the die hard fan of Atif and ainiee too just not because of her magical voice but also for her SEXY dance :-)
Anyway lets hope for good that Shoaib mansoor will make this movie "bol" a big hit on a Pakistani Cinema as he is making some very good steps but the thing is that Will Atif Aslam and the rest of the Cast will also proove their selves to be a Good Actor?!!

I can not say that the movie "bol" will be a big hit on the board but can say for sure that this movie will bring people to cinema at once because people has a lot of expectation from him and there is a big Fan following of Atif Aslam.

So Thats it!! Uptill now but I will keep you updated if anything new happens Dont Worry ;-) and wait for the song ROOTHO NA (Atif along with Ainiee) in the movie BOL by Shoaib Mansoor.

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