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Interview : Amrita Rao

She is one of the most gorgeous ladies in the industry leave aside her acting skills. A combination of talent and beauty, Amrita Rao has already earned a lot of accolades for the powerful roles she has portrayed within a short span of her career. As Amrita readies for the release of yet another big film, VICTORY, opposite Harman Baweja, she speaks to our correspondent on her role, films future plans and more.

You seem to be on cloud nine these days with most of your roles being appreciated by the critics.
I am really happy and satisfied with the way things have shaped up over the last couple of years. And I really feel honoured that my roles are being appreciated. For me good roles have always mattered and I feel lucky that I have got an opportunity to play them.


Do you particularly mean Shayam Benegal's WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR?
That was one of the good roles definitely. It was a privilege working with Mr. Benegal and this film will always remain special to me. I still can't believe that he chose me to play that role. At least I will be remembered for being one of his heroines, who worked with greats like Smita Patil and Shabana Azmi. (Smiles).

You seem to be really happy.
Yes, I am with good roles coming my way.

This time it's another big film VICTORY opposite Harman Baweja. So are you nervous?
"The girl-next-door can always be glamorous"

No...not at all. (Laughs always). I am really excited about the entire thing. It's a big...big...big film and I can't wait for the release of the film. I must say that is going to be one good film. We all have given in our best.

In fact VICTORY is on cricket and Harman Baweja plays a cricketer. So where do you stand?
No it's not that the film is entirely on Harman though it's based on cricket, the biggest sport in our country. All eyes will be on Harman but the film has three protagonists - Harman, Anupam Kher and myself. So everyone has an important role to play. I am really happy with the way the film has shaped up.

So what's your role?
It's like a completely role reversal for me. But I enjoyed every moment of it. I played an illiterate potter in WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR where as this time I play a medical student. It's completely opposite to what I played in my last film and that too within the span of only a few months.

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That sounds pretty interesting but tell me something... is it a glamorous role?
You can't call it a glamorous role in entirety but certainly it has a bit of it. (Smiles) how glamorous can a medical student look!

Does that mean you maintain the girl-next-door image this time too?
(Laughs)...come on. The girl-next-door can always be glamorous and this is something I like doing. I am happy with the way I am portrayed in my films.

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